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Design Applications using IBM DevOps Model Architect 1.0

By Cassidy Rimer posted Thu June 01, 2023 02:23 PM


“A picture is worth a thousand words!”

As the complexity of modern applications are growing, it is difficult to understand and communicate the architecture of the applications without the help of a graphical design tool.

IBM DevOps Model Architect (DMA) 1.0 is an Eclipse P2 based design tool that provides a broad range of design and development tools that you can use to rapidly create, evaluate, and communicate software architectures and designs.

DMA supports the Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java and Web Developers and Eclipse IDE for Java Developer variants of Eclipse 2022-06 on JDK (Java Development Kit) 17.

You can design a software application using a variety of modeling and design languages supported by DevOps Model Architect such as: Sketching, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), UML (Unified Modelling Language) and domain specific UML extensions like SoaML and UML Profile based Integrated Architecture (UPIA).

DMA supports the generation of the architecture diagram corresponding to their existing legacy code such as Java code etc, by using the built-in transformations.

Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0 modeling and transformation capabilities of DMA supports the design of RESTful APIs (application programming interfaces) corresponding to the Web application.

Modeling artifacts can be shared with other team members by using SCM (Source Code Management) integrations such as built-in EGit 6.0.2 integration or external IBM EWM (Engineering Workflow Management) 7.0.x integration capabilities.

Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) modeling capabilities supports the creation of Business process diagrams. All new Text-to-BPMN modeling capability assists you to create the BPMN diagrams corresponding to their textual documents. Later, you can validate the auto-generated process diagram and make necessary changes.

DMA supports the generation of reports from existing models such as UML, BPMN etc. by using the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) reporting tools. You can generate the reports in various formats such as html, pdf etc. by using the built-in design templates or custom report design templates.

DMA also supports the publishing of the UML models into a static html page by using Web Publishing capabilities.

By using Design Room ONE and Requirement Management Eclipse client installed in DMA, you can create requirement links to the Requirements management elements from the UML model elements. You can also publish UML models to NodeJS based Design Room ONE server and later can be accessed by using Web browsers.

For the existing IBM Rational Software Architect Designer users, the migration of modeling projects from IBM Rational Software Architect Designer variants to IBM DevOps Model Architect designer will be seamless. No additional modifications will be required except the project migration.

Previously announced as IBM DevOps Software Architect, IBM DevOps Model Architect will be releasing soon! In the meantime, if you would like to try out these features and participate in the closed beta program:

How to participate to the beta program:

To request access to the beta, please send an email to Roger LeBlanc ( with the following information: 

-        Customer company name

-        Customer contact (person that needs to access the beta)

-        Contact email 

-        Please include “IDMA beta request” in the email subject

You will receive an email invitation to join the Beta program, along with detailed instructions to access the beta downloads and links to product and installation documentation.

You can find more details of IBM DevOps Model Architect at the product documentation page

Stay tuned for more information to be shared soon about the upcoming release of IBM DevOps Model Architect!