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Why B2B organizations need an advanced order and inventory management solution 

Mon April 12, 2021 06:56 AM

Many B2B companies, including those in automotive, electronics, and manufacturing, are at a crossroads with their sales and inventory management processes. Historically, they’ve been reliant on legacy or ERP systems – tools that were designed for predictable, back office business processes. As B2B commerce becomes more digital, these organizations require a system that is more agile, scalable, and adaptable to meet customers’ changing needs.

“With our homegrown solution, there was no single record for deals or inventory information unless you went back and tried to reassemble things­­ which in many of our back offices was impossible.

VP of worldwide business systems, motion controls technology

As supply chains either rapidly slowed down or accelerated in 2020, the lack of agility in these tools became abundantly clear. Manual processes are also making it more challenging to adapt in a time where disruptions are everywhere. By relying on manual processes, organizations are subject to increased human error, delay of goods, and higher costs to do business. On top of these challenges, B2B consumers are demanding a more B2C experience with seamless ordering and self-service, and manual processes can’t deliver.

An omnichannel order and inventory management solution empowers your business to maximize results by automating business rules that are right for your customers and your company, while supporting the agility and scalability requirements driven by today’s customer expectations.



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