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The future of retail is same-day delivery: Are you ready? 

Wed September 09, 2020 08:54 AM

Back in February, if you asked most brick-and-mortar retailers whether they considered same-day delivery an essential for their business, they'd probably have said no. What a difference six months make.

Now, as we enter the fall of 2020 and look back on the past few months of shelter in place and uneven reopenings, it's become apparent that the ability to meet your customer where they are is no longer just a nice-to-have. In fact, in June 46.5 million households turned to online grocery and delivery pickup, rising from 39.65 million in March. And for retailers across various verticals, whether or not you can quickly get your product into the hands of your customer is quickly becoming an important element of doing business.

So what can a retailer do to ensure a seamless transition from in-store only to fast and reliable delivery, especially if your staff is already tasked with cleaning and safety for them and your customers?



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