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  • 1.  Control Center Rule for FAILED REPLAYED files

    Posted Tue August 16, 2022 06:37 PM
    Hi everyone, first and foremost I've tried diff event codes and diff conditions but get unexpected results.

    What I am after is creating an email notification, eventually SNMP trap, to generate email notifications for any REPLAYED files that FAIL and are SUCCESSFUL.

    For failures, I'm using FG.event code MATCHES FG_0421 (replay attempt) and FG_0457; for successful replays FG_0421 and FG_0419 but am not getting the results I am expecting.

    Has anyone configured a rule/action for the above scenario? or is it better to create a SLC?

    Using IBM CC ver 6.1.3 if this helps any.

    Paul Pham

  • 2.  RE: Control Center Rule for FAILED REPLAYED files

    Posted Thu August 18, 2022 04:22 PM
    Hi Paul,

    I don't know exactly what the problem is you're trying to solve, but based on the FG event codes there are, I don't know that you can achieve your stated goal.

    (But for sure SLCs are not the answer.)

    You can watch for FG_0461 in a rule to know when an arrived file redelivery fails (which I think is what you get when a replayed arrived file fails).

    And you can watch for FG_0455 in a rule to know when an arrived file fails.

    So in that way, I think, you can differentiate between knowing only when failed replayed arrived files, versus failed non-replayed arrived files, occur.  Just watch for FG_0461 events, and not FG_0455.

    But you can only watch for FG_0411 to know when an arrived file, be it replayed or not, succeeds.  Because of that, I don't see a way, at least with plain rules, for you cause an email notification only when replayed arrived files succeed.

    For sure, SLCs would NOT be the answer for you.

    You might could experiment with a linked rule though.

    It's possible you could code a rule to watch for FG_0421, or maybe FG_0420?, which I think come out when an arrived file is replayed, and then, for the linked rule parameters, watch for FG_0461, which I think means the arrived file redelivery failed, and if found within the time frame you specified generate the failure email notification, and otherwise - I'm not sure (as you don't know for sure it worked, just that it failed).

    I find that using the output of a database events report that includes all the events for a "process", in this case an Arrived File, can be very helpful for creating rules.  You'll want to include, at a minimum, the event time, type, and message ID in the output.  And then, with that output figure out how a human would solve your problem using the data available - or know if it could be, and if so, set up your rules accordingly.


    Stuart Ander

  • 3.  RE: Control Center Rule for FAILED REPLAYED files

    Posted Fri August 19, 2022 09:00 AM
    Thanks Dale! I was not even aware of FG_0461, so this definitely helps.

    I've been toying with FG_0421 (file was replayed) and FG_0419 (delivered) but it looks like ICC cannot perform an AND operation against 2 message codes, at least not for file transfer statuses, from what I gather.

    Did not think about linked rules but will explore this and thank you for the confirmation regarding SLC is not the way to go.

    Paul Pham