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Error opening SEAS GUI (SEAS version 2.4.3)
6 5 hours ago by Raj Sunkara
Original post by Pranjit Biswas
IBM Control Center - Queued Processes Cleanup
1 one month ago by Peter Milakovich
Q1 User Groups in Dallas, TX and Raleigh, NC
0 one month ago by Brian Bailey
Multi Factor Authentication using B2B/SFG Inbound and Outbound
2 2 months ago by Kharlon
In a few clicks, Ensure you don't miss out on any events or valuable content
0 2 months ago by Brian Bailey
Sterling B2Bi to z/OS Connect:Direct transfer targeting HFS/Unix folder
0 3 months ago by Bill Anderson
Think 2020 Call for Speakers Closes Nov. 12
0 5 months ago by Brian Bailey
MFT/B2B file transfer user group meetings
1 5 months ago by Tanvi Kakodkar
Original post by Keith Blair
CCD FAQ - Ask and Answer
0 5 months ago by Savar Sareen
New Control Center Guide!
0 5 months ago by Savar Sareen
User Group meetings -2019 Q1
5 8 months ago by Brian Bailey
Original post by Srini Parise
Question and Answer from " Advanced protection for your IBM Managed File Transfer Suite with Secure Proxy 6.0"
1 9 months ago by Joe Sherman
Original post by VIJAY CHOUGULE
File transfer from AS400 to Sterling B2Bi via Connect Direct
4 11 months ago by Pranjit Biswas
Question and Answer from "Gain visibility and control of your file transfer environment with Control Center 6.1"
0 one year ago by Savar Sareen
Don't miss the IBM MFT & B2B User Group coming in May!
0 one year ago by Brian Bailey
File transfer Digest in the UK?
0 one year ago by Marcus Langford
Question and Answer from "Diving Deep on the new Connect:Direct 6.0."
0 one year ago by Chris Sanders
calculate date for consumer file name
1 one year ago by RICHARD CROSS
Original post by Lisa Bush
Welcome to the IBM Managed File Transfer Community!
1 one year ago by Will Machin
Original post by Brian Bailey
Manged File Transfer Group - FAQ  
0 one year ago by Brian Bailey