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Huge Files on Sterling B2B/ITXA

  • 1.  Huge Files on Sterling B2B/ITXA

    Posted 12 days ago
    Has any one processed huge files in Sterling B2b integrator with ITXA (SPETransformationService) using a Sterling Integrator map or an ITX map.

    In our current system, we are able to process only up to a maximum of 500mb size files with a Sterling Integrator map
    and a maximum of 1gb size files through ITX map using SPETransformation service.

    We use Sterling B2B with ITXA on Windows server 2008 with 32gb ram.

    Kishore Reddy

  • 2.  RE: Huge Files on Sterling B2B/ITXA

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hello Reddy:

    My ITXA support team has identified a possible issue with large input data to ITX maps using the SPETransform Service. I a don't know if it's the same issue that you are encountering.  There is no fix for this as of yet.  Could you please open a new support case with the IBM Transformation Extender Advanced support team and we'll assist you.

    When you open the new case, please provide a bpml copy of the BP, the ITX map source and type trees, input data and any errors you are observing in the spelogger, wtxlogger and/or system log.


    Tim Rabbitt