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IBM ITX for EDI File conversion

  • 1.  IBM ITX for EDI File conversion

    Posted Thu February 13, 2020 11:11 AM
    Hi All,​

    We got a request to Mask data in the EDI (834,835 & 837) files and the Data Masking Tool that we use doesn't support EDI files directly.

    We need to Covert EDI files into CSV/Flat files and input those files as source to Data Masking Tool and Mask the data.

    Post masking, we need to use the output CSV files and convert them back to EDI files.

    To perform above said conversions, we are trying to use IBM ITX Designer with Health care packs. Wondering if anyone use ITX for similar purpose and what was the experience. Any lessons learn and suggestions please..

    Harshavardhan Peddireddy