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Global Mailbox: Tuning File Processing Throughput

By Scott Guminy posted Mon April 03, 2023 10:00 AM



When a file is uploaded to Global Mailbox, the system puts an event on an IBM MQ queue to trigger processing in B2Bi/SFG.

There is an adapter in B2Bi which consumes these events and launches the required Business Process to process the file.  This adapter is named Global Mailbox Event Rule Server Adapter <node name>.  There is one of these adapters deployed to each ASI node.

The overall flow is shown by the following diagram:

Tuning parameters

By default, each adapter as 2 listeners listening for events from the queue. 

This value can be adjusted for your workload.  The higher the number, the more events can be consumed simultaneously.

Results from IBM testing

IBM tests Global Mailbox performance to determine throughput of uploads and processing.  We use a mixed load of various file sizes.

Our tests used the following load:

  • 80% files less than 10kb
  • 20% files greater than 10kb
When using the default configuration of 2 listeners, the file processing throughput achievable in our test runs on our hardware was approximately 60 files per second.

After changing to 8 listeners on each instance of the Event Rule Adapter, the file processing throughput increased to approximately 150 files per second.  This is approximately a 250% increase in throughput.

  • More listeners will use more CPU and more memory
  • Your workload may be different and may not see the same results
  • Always test in a pre-production environment with your workload to see the impact of such changes


To increase the file processing throughput, adjust the number of listeners configured for each Global Mailbox Event Rule Server Adapter.