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Webinar Replay | Defined Methodology for Criticality of MRO Spares - Dec 8th, 2022

By DONNA SMITH posted Fri December 09, 2022 06:14 PM


The Importance of a Defined Methodology for Criticality of MRO Spares

IBM MRO IO – the importance of a defined methodology for assigning material criticality. Material criticality is the determination of which materials that flow through an industry or economy are most important to the production process.

This webinar will provide the knowledge and input into inventory holding decisions to help minimize the risk of over-stocking non-critical spares or under-stocking critical spares.

Any organization focused on achieving and sustaining high operational reliability must have accurate spare criticality assigned to its MRO inventory to support the reliability initiatives.

We’ll visit the supply chain challenges from a broader travel and transportation angle and narrow the scope to an aviation MRO supply chain perspective, reviewing best practices and why criticality matters to MRO inventory and aftermarket spare parts planning.

Webinar Replay:
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