B2B Integration

CTO of IBM strategic partner named 2019 Women in IT Awards CTO of the Year

By Brian Bailey posted Mon April 01, 2019 10:30 AM


As many of you are aware, last year IBM entered into a strategic partnership with Syncsort to expand and accelerate future development of our B2B Collaboration product family, which includes the product offerings of IBM B2B Integrator (B2Bi), IBM File Gateway, IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) and IBM Gentran.  You can read more about the partnership in this announcement


Today, I’m excited to share the news that the CTO of Syncsort, Tendü Yogurtçu was named the 2019 Women in IT Awards CTO of the Year and was featured in an article in Information Age, “Being the CTO and leading disruption at the 50-year-old start-up Syncsort”.  If you want to learn more about leading IT disruption, what it takes to be a CTO or want to know a little more about one of our strategic partners, check it out.