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IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition in Stretched Cluster

1. Introduction Stretched cluster with IBM Spectrum Scale ECE is using ECE to build a file system cluster which can replicate file system data blocks on two different sites. It provide the ability to protect data when disaster happens on one site. We can also describe this as: Using IBM...

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IBM Spectrum Scale installation toolkit – extended FQDN enhancement over releases –

When was the last time, we tried to create GPFS file system using install-toolkit? How easy was it? In this blog, we are going to discuss the FQDN enhancements made in the IBM Spectrum Scale installation toolkit over the releases. The installation toolkit is a Chef-based automation tool that can...

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Spectrum Scale File Audit Logging (FAL) and Watch Folder(WF) Document and Demo

In IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0.5, fileset auditing and skip fileset auditing are available. You can choose up to 20 filesets to apply fileset auditing to, which means that file system activity is only audited if it occurs in the specified filesets. Or, you can choose up to 20 filesets to skip fileset...

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Whether Pure Flash Array monitoring or more capacity enhancements IBM Spectrum Control adds to your overall business uptime

IBM® Spectrum Control™ 5.3.7 provides monitoring, automation and analytics for multiple-vendor storage environments. Are you maximizing the value of your storage arrays? The consolidated monitoring across different generations of storage devices that is provided by ...

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How to add Linux machine as Active Directory client to access IBM Spectrum Scale™?

So you want to access data on IBM Spectrum Scale from your Linux Client and using FILE protocols like CIFS, then read along to learn how to configure your Linux machine as a client to your Active Directory. This article will show you to configure client with PLAIN AD IDmaping. I will prepare...

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Configuring Spectrum Scale File Systems for Reliability

NOTE: This content was originally published under the IBM developerWorks site. Since the location where this content was published is being taken offline the content is being copied here so it can continue to be accessed. Introduction I receive many questions on how to configure GPFS for...

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