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  • 1.  V3700 2 node not save configure(configure lost)

    Posted 14 days ago


     We have v3700 one controller, 2 node Now controller error 578, 743, 541 ,We can recovery process?(Step by step)

       Thank you.

    Apidesh Dulma

    Technical Storage

  • 2.  RE: V3700 2 node not save configure(configure lost)

    User Group Leader
    Posted 13 days ago

    Honestly, this is system is very of support.  V3700 shipped in 2012.  

    For your information:
    Node error 578 - I have lost my cluster state.  If both nodes are in this state, you need to run a T3 or a T4 recovery.  check the IBM Documentation for the process for that.  If you cannot, then you require support which given this is years past EoS you may struggle to get without paying additional for it.

    Node error 743: The boot device has failed.  Given that this is a single boot device product, I think you have possibly mistyped the error and you mean:
    Node error 734 - The inter canister link is down.  This means we are unable to talk to the partner node using the midplane.  you can attempt to fix this through reseating the canisters. (shut them down first).

    Node error 541 - This is a hardware failure.  It cannot be debugged further without logs or IBM support intervention.

    I think your hardware is broken (unsurprising given the age of the system) , which likely lead to the cluster state being lost.  Without a valid support contract and a lot of IBM support help you will struggle to recover this without resorting to Tape.

    node errors and recovery procedures can be found on the IBM Documentation.  Storage Virtualize largely works the same, although with hardware errors, the specifics on how to fix the hardware vary.

    Best of luck

    Evelyn Perez
    IBM Senior Technical Staff Member
    IBM Storage Virtualize Software Architect for SVC and FlashSystem