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Storwize Drive repair do not work on a specific slot

  • 1.  Storwize Drive repair do not work on a specific slot

    Posted Wed November 29, 2023 12:20 PM


    I have seen multiple storwize machines with drive repair issue on a slot. Here are some cases:

    • The enclosure drive slot became excluded by the drive, thus the slot will come online when the drive is out but as soon as any drive is plugged in, the stop became excluded.
      • Here we replaced the drive multiple time at no avail .. 
      • The error 1048 on enclosure persisted ... Note that the error detail didn't point to a specific drive slot .. just the enclosure.
      • Machine power cycle
      • Gave up and use a different slot  .. waiting on code update
    • A Storwize V7000 machine at 7.8x  logs error 1686 against the drive. Any time we replace the drive, it logged the errors and remained offline/degraded.
      • Manually replaced the drive multiple time using the CLI as the machine is still at 7.4 code ..
      • Gave up and use a different slot  .. waiting on code update

    • An FS 7200 at 8.3 code with one enclosure .. However, we cannot replace drive in slot 8.  Again, there are persistent error 1685/1686

    579:231129080329:drive:6:::message:no:989004::NVMe drive format started
    580:231129081556:drive:10:::message:no:989004::NVMe drive format started
    581:231129081627:drive:10:::alert:yes:090026:1686:Drive fault type 3
    582:231129081717:drive:10:::message:no:989004::NVMe drive format started
    583:231129081917:drive:10:::alert:yes:090002:1685:Drive fault type 2
    584:231129081932:drive:11:::message:no:989003::NVMe drive diagnostics
    585:231129082017:drive:11:::message:no:989004::NVMe drive format started
    586:231129082107:drive:11:::alert:yes:090026:1686:Drive fault type 3
    587:231129082132:drive:11:::alert:yes:090002:1685:Drive fault type 2

    612:231129082924:drive:11:::alert:yes:090026:1686:Drive fault type 3
    613:231129083605:drive:11:::alert:no:090002:1685:Drive fault type 2

    Any idea on how to clear the stuck condition on the drive slot ?  As the Enclosure backplane seems to be too complicated, is any fixe in newer code ? If it is how about the Gen 1 machines that have the last 7.8 as the last code ?

    Thank you

    Tina Uwase