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TechXchange Conference 2023 Infrastructure Track - Labs for Storage

By Stuart Litel posted Fri July 07, 2023 08:28 AM


TechXchange Conference 2023 Infrastructure Track - Labs for Storage

We know that you’ve been eagerly awaiting on more details on the technical content planned for the upcoming IBM TechXchange Conference 2023, happening in Las Vegas September 11-14. Here is a preview of some of the labs we are planning. Please note that the titles and lab descriptions are still being refined, but this gives you a sense of what is coming. 

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Track: Labs – Storage

Lab Title Abstract
Getting started with IBM Storage Insights Come and find out how to take advantage of the IBM Storage Insights product that, if you own any IBM storage products, you're likely entitled to.  The session will cover registration, set up and day-to-day usage.  If you're already a user, then feel free to bring along any questions you have.
Best practices to install IBM Storage Fusion
Come learn from experts, the best practices to install IBM Storage Fusion, including in a disconnected environment. Learn how to plan, design and implement Openshift-based applications running on IBM Storage Fusion.  Tons of tips, hints based on real-life installation success stories.
How to Install IBM Storage Fusion In this will the attendees will be provided with a base OpenShift cluster and giving instructions on installing IBM Storage Fusion and all of its components. The users will be guided on each of Fusion’s components install and configuration. After each install, the users will be guided on the storage servers and their functions and learn how to use them. 
IBM Storage Fusion Data Protection Lab
In this advanced lab, we will explore the foundation of IBM Storage Fusion data protection services. We start with basic backup and restore policies and then review the more advance recipe driven backups for more complex applications and create application consistent backups. These applications will have multiple data PVCs, and will be running across multiple OpenShift Projects. These applications will also need to be quiesced before snapshots are taken. Then we will review how to restore applications to both the source OpenShift cluster and the more advanced task of restoring to new cluster. 
Storage Scale Installation and Upgrade Experiences The IBM Storage Scale Install Toolkit automates the steps required to install the core file system, deploy protocols, and install updates and patches. Join this lab and use the installer to set up a cluster systematically and upgrade to a new version!
Accessing your very own IBM Global Data Platform powered by IBM Storage Scale on IBM Cloud

This is intended for a New Scale User Group Session. The agenda is as follows:

IBM enables agility and provides faster access to more data. This innovation with a single copy of data that is accessible by any application at the same time. Multiple interfaces from multiple sources are secured and protected from edge to core to cloud. Data is protected, secured, and optimized everywhere.

  • Create your own services for Data Access, Caching, Management, and Security!
  • Create Role Based Access Service
  • Create a caching service for S3 or NFS environments
  • Manage data placement and cold data
  • Create and run your very own Safe Guarded Copy (SGC) Data Security Service
Disaster Recovery with IBM Storage Fusion Workshop

In this advanced lab we will explore the setup and configuration of Disaster Recovery for applications running on Red Hat OpenShift with IBM Storage Fusion. The hands-on lab will include the steps for Regional-DR configuration, installing a gitops-based application, and failover/failback DR actions for OpenShift applications. This is an advanced lab and requires working knowledge of Red Hat OpenShift. Working knowledge of IBM Storage Fusion Data Foundation and Ceph are not required but nice to have. 

IBM Copy Services Manager and DS8000 Safeguarded Copy

The lab is ideal for introducing both Copy Services Manager and DS8000 Safeguarded Copy from setting the environment up to recovery after an event has occurred. You will have the opportunity to use Copy Services Manager to explore the DS8880/DS8900F Safeguarded Copy feature by being able to create a Safeguarded Copy session, add volumes to the session, and manage the configuration. You will also be directed to recover data that has previously been protected by Safeguarded Copy.  

Managing DS8000 Replication with Copy Services Manager

The lab is targeted for storage administrators new to CSM and are considering using it to create and manage complex replication environments with the DS8000. IBM Copy Services Manager makes managing disaster recovery and copy functions on several storage systems a simpler task by issuing several commands with a single click. Join this hands-on lab to learn how Copy Services Manager can automate operations for the IBM DS8000. You will learn how to set up and manage sessions for Metro Mirror as well as Multi-target Metro Mirror Global Mirror which will include steps to simulate recovering after a site failure.

CRAT- IBM's Cyber Resiliency Assessment

Come learn about and how to do IBM's Cyber Resiliency Assesment (CRAT).  This session is for IBM Channel Partners and IBM Teams hoping to help clients understand their Cyber Resiliency stance and where to find ways to improve.  Built on the NIST framework the CRAT provides a way understand an organizations current Cyber Resiliency posture and it provides recomendations for improvments.  In this lab, you will get to understand how to use the online tool, how to facilitate the discussion and talk through some of the key concepts that are asked in the question driven workshop.

Build your first single node Ceph cluster

See and touch hands-on, all about IBM Storage Ceph, its architecture and the components used to create a native object store capable of delivering a highly scalable solution for block file and object storage and go back home with a single virtual machine image (OVA) running on your own laptop. This lab session will teach you about the basics of IBM Storage Ceph deployment and review the Ceph TechZone environments available for your demo and learning needs.

Ransomware scanning with IBM Storage Defender using Predator

How can you use AI to proactively recover and scan your backup data into a clean room?  This lab session will let storage engineers collaborate, compete, and get hands-on to configure ground-breaking anomaly detection, and automated deep malware scanning and recovery testing across IBM Storage Defender workloads using Predatar.  This includes IBM Storage Protect, and IBM Data Protect.   This lab will focus on how Predatar can work and integrate with IBM Storage Defender Storage Protect and Data Protect to recover, scan, clean and validate your backups.

Cyber Resilience on IBM FlashSystems - How to implement and recover

During this in-depth hands-on lab, a real life Cyber Attack recovery scenario will show you how you too can use IBM FlashSystem's Safe Guarded Copy to recover in minutes not weeks.  See the effects of the Cyber Attack on a servers disks, locked and not accessible,  then through the beauty of a Safe Guarded Copy recovery in seconds!

Hands-on with IBM Storage Protect for Cloud and Microsoft 365

In this lab, the user will experience first-hand how SP4C offers speed to automated, comprehensive M365 protection. This hands-on lab with take the user from start to finish through all the steps necessary to set up and SP4C trial instance, connect it to an M365 developer tenant, and protect and recover workloads like Exchange, OneDrive and others. The user will explore features like granular restore, delegated administration, and self-service.

Getting hands-on with IBM Storage Defender DMS

In this lab, users with get hands on exploring how to manage IBM Storage Protect and IBM Data Protect with the Defender DMS interface. Topics include workload protection and recovery, SLA policy definition and compliance, reporting, etc.

Storage Scale Cybersecurity solutions with QRadar

IBM Storage Scale functionality has been integrated with IBM QRadar as a core component of our upcoming cyber vault solution for File. Using File Audit Logging (FAL) functionality from Scale, we can feed events into QRadar to operate on. When a specific pattern is detected, a Safe Guarded Copy (SGC) will be created for analysis. This hands-on session will walk through an existing runbook, but all users will be allowed to create these environments via Techzone in the future for continued use as new runbooks evolve or new test cases with clients need to be experienced in this POX environment.

Leveraging IBM Cloud Object Storage and S3 Select to perform systematic analysis of the data stored

The hands-on lab focuses on using COS S3-Select to perform systematic analysis and get powerful insights. Provides an overview of different components of COS such as Buckets, Objects, S3 Select. Includes a real-world demo of an analysis of the access logs stored in a COS bucket and extracting powerful insights such as Storage Usage, Efficiency, and Usage Pattern Analysis which can help users in optimizing cost of their Object Storage usage using Code Engine. Prior knowledge of COS is not necessary, but a general understanding of different cloud storage options is a plus. By the end of the lab, participants will be able to understand the practical advantages of using Object Storage as primary storage regardless of the provider and extract powerful insights from the data stored using S3 Select.