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IBM Storage for OpenShift @ IBM TechXchange 2023

By Joshua Blumert posted Mon July 31, 2023 09:16 AM


Summer is moving fast and September will be here soon!   IBM TechXchange 2023 is just around the corner and it’s in Las Vegas this year. The IBM Storage Fusion team is deep into building brand new labs and sessions for the event. The labs are going to be great. There will be hands on sessions to work with IBM’s products.  IBM Storage Fusion, will have four new labs.  We have sessions and labs on IBM Storage Fusion in action. One of the most exciting with be showing regional disaster recovery in action.  IBM just released Fusion 2.6 with disaster recovery support and we will have both a lab and a session on it. This new feature will allow you to protect applications in OpenShift across long distances. Annette Clewett will be speaking on this new capability and running a hands on lab.

In addition to the disaster recovery session, there will be other sessions from a basic overview of Fusion to more advanced topics like how to install Fusion in an air-gapped environment. And if you need data protection we will be show casing our new backup and restore features in Fusion. Also, data cataloging is now part of the Fusion family as well.

Overall, there will be a lot of new content to learn about and experience. And we will be Las Vegas, so the odds are on a good time for all. I bet you will enjoy it. So take a change and spin the wheel on storage.

You can see the entire TechXchange catalog online now! There are a lot of new and exciting sessions and labs to chose from.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at TechXchange!


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Wed August 09, 2023 01:56 PM

Look forward to hearing more on this fantabulous offering which is true convergence of IBM And RH coming together.