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What’s new in Call Home Connect Cloud v1.10.0

By John Pisello posted Wed February 01, 2023 09:46 AM

Call Home Connect Cloud v1.10.0 delivers usability updates, more Remote Support Connection features, and an updated mobile app.

Web site version 1.10.0

Easily subscribe to notifications for your asset groups

In Call Home Connect Cloud, asset groups are groups of assets that are defined by common features, such as product family or datacenter location. You can now easily subscribe to notifications about all assets in an asset group. In the “View by groups” view on the Home page, select the radio button for an asset group. Then select the “Subscribe” button to create or manage subscriptions for all the assets in that group.

View and add related assets to your organization

Organization Editors can now see related assets, and can add them to their organization. On the Call Home Connect Cloud Home page, select an asset to view its details. On the Details page, select the “Related assets” tab (if available). This tab shows assets in the current organization that are related to the selected asset (Power, Spectrum Virtualize, and DS8000 Storage products are currently supported). If there are some related assets that are not in the current organization, Editors can select one or more of those assets and add them to the organization.

Visualize your assets’ remote support connection stats

New charts on the “My dashboard” page and “Asset group details” page show how many of your assets are enabled for remote support connections (Assist On-Site is currently supported; RSC support is coming soon), and how recently those assets have made a remote support connection to IBM.

Mobile app version 2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 of the Call Home Connect Anywhere mobile application is now available in the Apple and Google app stores. This release includes bug fixes and usability improvements, but no new functionality.