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SDI RMI Adapter Error

  • 1.  SDI RMI Adapter Error

    Posted Tue January 14, 2020 01:59 PM
    We're getting an error on the Add Account operation of a custom RMI adapter.

    We have developed a new custom adapter for REST APIs, and all the operations return a success status, except for the Add Account operation.

    On this operation, the user is successfully created on the backend API, but IGI doesn't recognize this as success.

    Here's a print of the error:

    We are setting the success status code on the add user, same as in the other operations, but seems like IGI is expecting some other information to acknowledge that the user was correctly created.

    The ibmdi log shows the operation completed correctly, and the only error on the connector log is the same as in the attached image, with no details.

    Leonardo Leite

  • 2.  RE: SDI RMI Adapter Error

    Posted Wed January 15, 2020 03:53 AM
    If the adapter returns only a success code the default way the the Identity Broker (IB) and IGI should respond is to create the account with the same attributes/attributes values as sent to the adapter. If this is the case then you need to search if the IB or IGI logs something as it would be there you need to search for the cause of the problem.

    If you return additional attributes/values than those sent to the adapter the situation is more complicated - these must of course follow the rules as outlined in the Custom Adapter development package - but as this is a seldom used/known feature of custom adapter development I only mention this for completeness of what could be the problem.

    I am not an expert on the IB and IGI but basically the IB is the same (but changed) component as the Service Provider layer in ISIM that handles the abstraction between the IGI internal representation of the account data and operations and the adapter interface.

    HTH even if this is not a complete answer
    Franz Wolfhagen

    Franz Wolfhagen
    IAM Technical Architect for Europe - Certified Consulting IT Specialist
    IBM Security Expert Labs