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IBM Security Verify’s New Navigation Experience

By SHELLEY DIGNUM posted Wed September 15, 2021 09:57 AM

We’d like to introduce our new navigation experience within IBM Security Verify SaaS!


We take your feedback seriously.  We heard you when you asked us to simplify navigation and make configuration of all our capabilities quicker and more intuitive. 

Why now?  

The Verify SaaS platform is growing quickly, and to keep up with the feature-rich capabilities offered, a new look and navigation was critical in the experience we want to deliver to all users of our administration interface, whether they be administrators, privacy officers, line-of-business managers, or other Verify personas. 

What’s changing? 

In our feedback sessions, it became evident very quickly that as more and more capabilities were added to the Verify SaaS platform, there was a need to allow for a more logical, simplified categorization of capabilities that aligned to an outcome-oriented navigation experience. An example of this can be seen through the introduction of a “User experience” category where you will find user registration, profile management, and more as we enable low-code/no-code, out-of-the-box experiences natively in Verify SaaS.  


The new navigation experience 

Navigating IBM Security Verify SaaS has been redesigned to be easier and more intuitive. Below, I outline a few key elements of the new navigation experience.   


Left hand navigation 

The new left-hand navigation panel has a few key updates that are of note: 

First, when using Verify SaaS from a computer, the panel can stay open without covering content on the page, so that it is always visible. This will allow you to navigate more seamlessly between pages.  

In addition, the new navigation panel organizes related pages into categories to make finding and accessing pages easier. Where there used to be several tabs on a page (ahem, Configuration and Security pages) many of those tabs have been broken out into their own pages and placed under a relevant category. This way, you can see all that is available to configure and manage right from the navigation panel.  

For example, Data privacy & consent is now a category with sub-pages instead of one page with several tabs, allowing you to access the data privacy policy directly from the navigation panel. 




Search experience 

A Search field has been added to enable you to quickly find the pages you need for those that prefer searching over browsing. Whether you’re used to the old way things were organized, or you’re trying Verify SaaS for the first time, pages can now be found by using the Search field.


In the new Help menu, all the resources you need for support are consolidated into one location. From here you can access page-related help, submit an idea, see the product’s status page, connect to the IAM community, and find other product-related resources. By doing this, we have dedicated the left-hand navigation panel to navigating within the product and given you one place to access all support-related resources on the header.  

Global configuration 

Because much of using Verify involves “configuration”, the old Configuration page quickly outgrew its tabs. In the new navigation experience, most configuration pages have been moved to their appropriate category, and the remaining pages sit under a new category called “Global configuration”. Currently, the three properties under this category are tenant-wide administration roles, tenant-wide appearance settings, and your tenant’s subscription plans and usage information. 

Categorization updates 

In many cases, the categorization of use cases and resources aligns to the previous navigation experience. However, as noted in this post, there are a few cases where items have moved. The detailed changes in the before and after can be found in the September 2021 section of "What’s new” documentation with the table below providing similar information.

Let us know what you think 

As with all the updates we make in the Verify platform, we really appreciate any feedback. If you have any, please post in the IAM community, either as a comment to this blog post or in a forum post.  

You can also submit an idea in the Support/help section of your Verify SaaS tenant for any other suggestions you have on the product.  

If you are interested in co-creating with us as we continue to improve our experiences email for more information.