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Fighting back against data security tool sprawl with Guardium Insights

By RYAN SCHWARTZ posted Tue February 02, 2021 01:27 PM


A quick Google search of “tool sprawl,” yields pages of articles highlighting that sprawl is one of the most pressing problems facing IT and Security leaders in organizations moving through digital transformation.


It isn’t entirely surprising either as vendors enter inundate the market offering narrow point solutions to detect threats better, to respond quicker, and to conduct highly niche activities—such as securing the data on one specific type of database, or marginally enhancing one form of user authentication.  This is to say, some solutions have become increasingly narrow in the use cases they support.


Solutions like these (hopefully) only exist since because there are organizations that need them. However, once dozens of these solutions are installed, then the realization hits: they do not integrate effectively. Data and reports cannot be efficiently shared between them, creating a fractured view of an organization’s overall security posture and a big headache for security leaders.


This fractured view is especially problematic in the realm of data security, specifically in those digitally transformative organizations relying on hybrid cloud environments to house critical data.


That is why, when considering a data security solution, it is important to evaluate them on two levels:

  • Does this solution provide a centralized view of my data and deliver end-to-end data security?
  • Does this solution quickly integrate with other mission-critical security tools to bring together the sprawling landscape of data security tools?


In the case of IBM Security Guardium Insights for IBM Cloud Pak for Security, the answer to both of those questions is a resounding “yes.”


First, check out the video below to see how easy it is to connect IBM Security Guardium Data Protection to stream data security data from both structured and unstructured data stores into the Guardium Insights console. This allows teams to gain insights into risks and trends through Guardium Insights’ advanced analytics.



Further, Guardium Insights delivers integration across the data security stack. By providing a simple REST API workflow, Guardium Insights can integrate with solutions from ticketing tools to the SIEM, sharing case and event data that can enrich investigations and defense across the organization. This has the added benefit of chipping away at siloes since data security should be everyone’s business.


In this set of videos, take a look at how quickly REST APIs can be configured and how Splunk—a popular solution with many of our customers—can be connected in seconds to the Guardium Insights console:




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