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“Status Report!”: How Guardium Insights tailors data security reporting to the needs of each user

By RYAN SCHWARTZ posted Wed January 27, 2021 10:46 AM


If I wrote that “fast, accurate reporting is one of the most important aspects of effective data security,” any reasonable reader may disagree. Surely, there are dozens of functions more integral to preventing a breach than reporting. Analytics and machine learning can detect risks. The ability to quickly act on anomalies by blocking or quarantining allows for instantaneous threat response. Long-term data retention helps prove compliance.


The outcome, though, from any of those aforementioned features would be detailed reporting for audits, for briefing executive stakeholders on incidents, and for enriching risk investigations.


But as we have heard in conversations with customers, other platforms can often take hours to generate reports. In the case of an audit or breach or risk analysis, information must be compiled quickly and refreshed in near real-time.


In the below video, watch IBM Security Guardium Insights for IBM Cloud Pak for Security generate a self-service, out-of-the-box report in seconds with options to schedule a reporting cadence or instantly share with key stakeholders:



But—and not to use the tired cliché—that’s not all! While out-of-the-box reports are an imperative as they allow data security teams to immediately gather pertinent info upon deployment, Guardium Insights takes it a step further; users can customize reports tailored to the information needs of their organization and aligned to its data security goals.


Since time is one of the most valuable resources for a data security team, configuration is minimal. In the video linked in the image below, watch Guardium Insights generate a custom report in minutes:



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