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Summary of Useful SKLM Links

By Rick Robinson posted Mon August 12, 2019 02:19 PM


We frequently get questions for SKLM resources.... 
The following set of links for SKLM resource are public and can be shared.  More to come!

SKLM Knowledge Center (admin guide, HW and SW requirements):

SKLM LI with VUE027A Conversion Table (external):

SKLM Licensing Blog (external):

SKLM Summary Dashboard (technote):

SKLM Interoperable Devices (Tech Note):

SKLM for z/OS Interoperable Devices (Tech Note): 

SKLM OS and HSM Support Matrix (Tech Note):

SKLM Supported Operating Systems (external):

SKLM Use Case Videos (external):

SKLM Support Videos (YouTube):

Security Key Lifecycle Manager

SKLM can now be configured using the SASC Utility:

#Encryption and Key Management​