Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IBM On-prem IAM (IBM IGI) Integration with IBM Guardium: Configuration and Benefits

By DMITRI CHILOVICH posted Thu July 11, 2019 11:26 AM

PPTX describing IBM on-prem IAM ( IBM IGI ) integration with  IBM Guardium for risks discovery and governance is here:

This deck explains how to configure Guardium monitoring ( a lot of undocumented steps ), IBM IGI Gurdium adapter. It also explains the benefits such integration brings to client's database realm compliance and governance personnel. Officially this integration and IGI adapter are called "GDPR Adapter for Guardium", but in reality it just depends on what risky accesses we discover in Guradrim-monitored databases ( via Guardium risk access discovery rules ).  Almost all business logic is set in Guardium discovery, the IGI just reads 2 Guardium report tables and presents information in form of risky objects ( DB tables ) and who can access them ( accounts ) .
IBM IGI Guardium adapter is read only one, and for risks remediation actions clients can engage same databased-connected IBM IGI database adapters, for example AD, DB2 or Oracle adapters.

Dmitri Chilovich