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IBM IAM on-prem – IBM Cloud Identity Integration

By DMITRI CHILOVICH posted Mon July 08, 2019 05:23 PM

Compelling reasons to act
1. Shift what’s reasonable to Cloud
2. Do not impact running operations and business

Current situation
1. IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) or other on-prem IAM system handles all Identity Lifecycle Management and for some governance / compliance logic ( probably IBM Identity Governance – IBM IGI ).
2. IBM Security Access Manager or similar SAML and OAuth proxies are used for boundary access management and protection.
3. A lot services are already provided by federated partners and SAAS providers, and so FedSSO and SSO, as well as identity management for provisioning and deprovisioning – demand attention.

IBM solutions available ( not all which can suite – are listed )
1. IBM Cloud Identity (CI) portfolio – with Cloud Identity Connect adapters, Cloud Identity Govern adapters and functions, Cloud Identity Verify
2. IBM ISIM – IBM CI adapter
3. IBM CI Service-Now provisioning adapter ( as well as O365 and few more )
4. Service-Now IGI Plugin

Live demo environment is available on IBM Skytap IAM Democenter,
Slides as PPTX:
Dmitri Chilovich,