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IBM Security Technology Alliance Program Autumn Webinar Material

By Dan Schofield posted Wed October 26, 2022 12:30 PM


IBM Security Technology Alliance Program Autumn Webinars

It was another busy week for webinars @Joel Violette was first up with his webinar on IBM QRadar SIEM integrations, everything from data ingestion through to full featured apps, then @RoseAnn Guttierrez took us through her webinar on QRadar SOAR and QRadar XDR Connect, including live product demo! 

The webinar recordings and other related material are available at this box folder:

If you would like more information contact me @Dan Schofield and I'll gladly set up a call to go over any aspect of our Technology Alliance Program.

IBM Security App Exchange Process :

IBM Security Alliance Marketing Landing Page

IBM Security App Exchange: 

QRadar App SDK Download and docs: 

Getting data into QRadar - a.k.a Develop a DSM (Device Support Module)

QRadar Built-in Protocols

SOAR App Developers Guide


SOAR GitHub 

Getting an extension signed for QRadar

QRadar Pre-Validation App ,

Universal Cloud REST API ,

IBM Security QRadar XDR

Cloud Pak for Security 

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