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How to run App Connect Enterprise v11 on z/OS

Published on April 3, 2020 / Updated on April 6, 2020 With FP8 you can run IBM® App Connect Enterprise v11 on z/OS by running it in a z/OS Container Extensions instance. What is IBM z/OS Container Extensions (zCX)? IBM z/OS Container Extensions (zCX) is a new...

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Introducing Ansible to z/OS Automation

From IBM Champion Phil Allison; Ansible is rapidly gaining acceptance to automate and orchestrate various types of activities within our organization, including z/OS. This allows organizations to extend automation and normalize skills for provisioning, deployment, orchestration into a single...

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Have you experienced abends in your WebSphere Message Broker or IBM Integration Bus product after upgrading zOS to V2R1

KirstineClapperton Published on October 21, 2014 / Updated on March 22, 2016 In z/OS V2R1, Language Environment (LE) introduced optimization changes to the dynamic cast call that allowed the possibility of an incorrect return value. After upgrading z/OS to V2R1, you...

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Making workload automation simple for today’s fast-moving businesses

Do you need to make it easier for your developers and systems programmers to integrate scheduling into their applications and business processes? Is your enterprise exploiting the Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe ™ tooling platform for z/OS ? Well now you can! By leveraging IBM Z...

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Have z/OS JES3? You Have a Choice to Make

If you run JES3, or if you know someone who does, please read on for some important planning information. For decades, z/OS and its predecessors offered two job entry subsystems: JES2, included at no additional charge, and JES3, available as an extra cost option. There's a long, complicated...

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