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What’s New in SPSS Statistics

Today we are proud to announce the general availability of SPSS Statistics This modification release introduces new statistical tests, enhancements to existing procedures and functional enhancements that will improve everyday usability. Like a traditional Fix Pack, this modification...

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Introducing IBM SPSS Modeler 18.2.2, Collaboration & Deployment Services 8.2.2 and Analytic Server 3.2.2

(This blog originally appeared on Medium ) On September 28th, 2020, we released three new IBM SPSS Data Science Offerings: IBM SPSS Modeler 18.2.2, Collaboration & Deployment Services 8.2.2 and Analytic Server 3.2.2. Over the last few months we have taken feedback from our customers who...

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Take IBM’s new survey — we want to hear your thoughts!

Happy New Year! We are conducting a survey and need your input. If you’d like to share feedback with IBM, please take the survey now. We’ve included several questions about your deployment practices, but would like to hear from all users regardless of whether you deploy models or not. Please...

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On the direction of SPSS Modeler

There have been various changes within IBM’s Data Science & Machine Learning product portfolio over the last months. This has also brought some confusion around the direction of IBM SPSS Modeler, so I wanted to clarify a few things. If you read no further, I want you to know that IBM SPSS...

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G2Crowd recognized IBM SPSS Statistics as a leader in predictive analytics

We’re excited to announce that G2Crowd recognized IBM SPSS Statistics as a leader in predictive analytics . SPSS is celebrating its golden anniversary this year. From punch cards to today’s advanced software, SPSS has made countless innovations in the past 50 years, and we will continue to...

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SPSS Modeler Extension Nodes – Embedding R and Python Code in Modeler

SPSS Modeler 18.1 introduced five new nodes that allows you to embed Python and R code in a Modeler Stream. With these nodes you can extend and embrace open source in SPSS Modeler, to perform tasks you can’t easily accomplish with out-of-the-box Modeler nodes. ...

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SPSS: 50 Years of Innovation

This year, SPSS is celebrating its Golden Anniversary. Decades before the “data science” term was coined, SPSS provided the world with a user friendly, reliable, and trustworthy means to yield actionable insights from data. To commemorate this important milestone, we've highlighted the most...

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Everyone can try the SPSS Statistics Preview today!

The SPSS Statistics Preview has generated a lot of excitement, and the top question we've received is "when can I try it?". Today is the day! Starting today, all trials of SPSS Statistics Subscription will include the option to download the new Preview. This is a special early Preview -...

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License Key Center: Adding Module to Existing Product and Code Decryption

As part of the ongoing License Key Center redesign - as mentioned in previous blog - we have made key functionality updates. In this blog, we will show you how to: 1) Add Feature to Your Installed Product – If you already have SPSS Statistics Base installed, you can now create an...

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