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Understanding OpenShift SCCs

Securing a containerized application relies on multiple levels of security. You may have heard about Security Context Constraints (SCCs), which are unique to OpenShift, and wondered what they are for. SCCs are objects that can be used to control the actions that a pod can perform and what...

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Mutation Advisor - real-time integrity protection for running containers on your clusters

Mutation Advisor, a security function in IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, provides real-time integrity protection for running containers on your clusters. You can enable auditing of any file change and any process execution inside your containers. You can also enforce its integrity on...

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Security white paper for Cloud Pak for Data releases

This white paper describes the overall security posture of Cloud Pak for Data for private cloud and on-premises deployments. In June, we published the first white paper on Security for Cloud Pak for Data 3.0, which covered a range of security aspects including secure engineering practices,...

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How to have granular and selective secure data at rest and in motion for workloads

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Asmahan Ali , Kumaran Rajaram, & Carl Zetie for their inputs. In an organization there can be different workloads requiring different security posture. As an example, one of the workloads is a high performance computing workload dealing with non-sensitive data...

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