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[Client Case Study] Jenzabar Cuts complexity and cost in higher education, and creates new business opportunities

Introduction Business challenge: Higher-education institutions must meet evolving student expectations – but costly, inflexible on-prem systems are holding them back. How could Jenzabar help clients cut costs and gain agility? Transformation: Using IBM® Cloud™ infrastructure, Jenzabar...

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Achieving WORM like functionality from NFS/SMB clients for data on Spectrum Scale

The IBM Spectrum Scale supports the file access protocols such as NFS (NFSv3 and NFSv4) and SMB (SMB 3.0). The IBM Spectrum Scale system can be configured to store and access data through NFS and SMB protocols. Based on the customer’s business requirements, the business data at times need to...

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The Center of Excellence for Cloud Storage at ESCC

Originally posted by: seb We here at the ESCC - the EMEA Storage Competence Center - provide advanced storage-related presales and postsales support as well as lab services to clients and IBM sales organisations in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. The ESCC is headquartered in Kelsterbach,...

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IBM Cognos Analytics Builds Upon Core Strengths

IBM Cognos Analytics provides unsurpassed security and governance at every level, including data and reports, the dashboards, as well as the information that is distributed to the community on a daily or weekly basis. Even though IBM Cognos Analytics opens doors to a depth and breadth of company...

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Is a scale out NAS system the same as a scale out file system?

Originally posted by: Nils Haustein by Nils Haustein and Frank Kraemer I recently had some discussions with my peers about the difference of “scale out file systems” and “scale out NAS systems”. One of the key observations is: there is a significant difference between NAS and...

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