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IBM Champions on tech trends and disruptions

From data to mainframe, from modernization to the unpredictability of everything, the IBM Champions have some predictions about what to hope for and watch for in 2021.​​ #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-library #Mainframe #datascience

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SPSS Statistics on Catalina (macOS 10.15)

This blog was originally published on October 8, 2019 / updated on December 3, 2019 on . This week Apple released its latest operating system called Catalina (10.15). We’ve spent weeks testing against the beta and now the generally available operating system. Overall,...

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Removing Unfair Bias in Machine Learning Webcast Recording + Slides

IBM Webcast Summary Extensive evidence has shown that AI can embed human and societal bias and deploy them at scale. And many algorithms are now being reexamined due to illegal bias. So how do you remove bias & discrimination in the machine learning pipeline? In this...

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Open Data Science for All

Learn about our open source curriculum initiative with UPenn and the Linux Foundation and sign up to participate. #opensource #datascience

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Data science for all – an open source approach to education

Today is an exciting day for me. After months of hard work, IBM, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Linux Foundation are announcing an innovative, first-of-a-kind open source project that will enable universities around the world to build Data Science programs faster. With IBM’s investment...

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Hands on Introduction to Machine Learning / Deep Learning (McLean, VA)

Agenda Machine Learning is having an impact on just about every industry. Data is everywhere, and organizations that can sift through their mountain of data for key insights using machine learning will emerge ahead of the competition. Machine Learning is at work “under the covers” in many...

 Tue July 23, 2019 | 08:30 AM - 04:30 PM ET
 McLean VA

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General Availability of SPSS Modeler 18.2, C&DS 8.2 and Analytic Server 3.1.2

Today we released three new IBM SPSS Data Science Offerings: IBM SPSS Modeler 18.2, Analytic Server 3.1.2 and Collaboration & Deployment Services 8.2. Throughout the last 12 months we have taken feedback in multiple parts of the internet universe (G2Crowd, PAT, Gartner, IT Central Station,...

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On the direction of SPSS Modeler

There have been various changes within IBM’s Data Science & Machine Learning product portfolio over the last months. This has also brought some confusion around the direction of IBM SPSS Modeler, so I wanted to clarify a few things. If you read no further, I want you to know that IBM SPSS...

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G2Crowd recognized IBM SPSS Statistics as a leader in predictive analytics

We’re excited to announce that G2Crowd recognized IBM SPSS Statistics as a leader in predictive analytics . SPSS is celebrating its golden anniversary this year. From punch cards to today’s advanced software, SPSS has made countless innovations in the past 50 years, and we will continue to...

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