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Announcement: IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation - A Future Proof Automation Platform

A lot of organizations have embarked upon an exercise that they call “future-proofing the roadmap,” which often means taking a good hard look at the software investments already made, analyzing gaps and determining if their IT solutions are capable of supporting their business goals well into...

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Let your voice be heard and use the results to benchmark your own project

BPM Pulse 2020 - The Transformation of Finance - complete the survey. BPM Partners are running the 17th edition of their annual BPM Pulse survey. This comprehensive survey covering budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, consolidation, analytics, cloud, AI technologies, and...

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Faster Dashboards with HTTP/2

Although IBM Cognos Analytics doesn’t require a web server like Microsoft IIS or Apache HTTP Server to be configured for it, it is a best practice to do so as it is essential for load balancing certain requests and serving static content like icons and image files efficiently . Did you...

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Planning Analytics Newsletter - February 2020

Product News See what's new with Planning Analytics Workspace update 48 . You can now use "Design Mode" to preserve or clear DBRW formulas when you are copying and pasting values into cells with Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel update 50 . Explore...

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Reports vs Dashboards or Reports + Dashboards?

We enjoy hearing about the many ways that you, our customers, are using Cognos Analytics. People from many different types of teams, industries, and skill levels are using Cognos Analytics to bring analytical insight to their work. After hearing from many different customers, however, I will...

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IBM Cognos Analytics Forecasting: Comparison of R4 and R5

Differences between forecast results available in the IBM Cognos Analytics R4 and R5 can be encountered due to the forecasting algorithms enhancements in R5. As a result, long seasonal period in a seasonal model is often replaced by a shorter period, or it is omitted in favor of a non-seasonal...

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Use Aggregate to create a Custom Consolidation in Planning Analytics

If our TM1 and planning analytics modelers were all seeing and all knowing we wouldn't ever have to create a custom consolidation. Every roll-up of accounts, product, regions and anything else we want to report on and plan for would always be there in the TM1 cube. Our model creators aren't...

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How to install Planning Analytics Workspace in 20 minutes

Are you new to Planning Analytics? We have good news –now, you can get even more out of your IBM planning solution! Planning Analytics Workspace is the new face of TM1and it is also required if you will be leveraging Planning Analytics for Excel. Planning Analytics Workspace is containerized...

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Statistical Forecasting made easy with Cognos Analytics

You can use the new Forecasting capabilities in Cognos Analytics to discover and model, trend, seasonality, and time dependence in data. You can forecast by using automated tools that model time-dependent data. Automated model selection and tuning makes forecasting easy to use, even if you are...

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Business Analytics vs Business Intelligence

Commerce or Business and data are two inter-related terms. Any business or firm is associated with data generation and maintenance. Sound knowledge of the collection and interpretation of data has an impact on the firm's future progress. When a company calls candidates for hiring, they look for...

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