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SAP on IBM i Webcast on June 23rd, 2021: Technical Monitoring Cockpit

The quarterly SAP on IBM i series continue on June 23rd at 4pm German time. Join our experts from SAP, Edgardo Gildo König and Dr. Thomas Obermeier and learn more about SAP Software running on IBM i and Db2 for i. Light will be shed on the SAP Technical Monitoring Cockpit (TMC) which...

 Wed June 23, 2021 | 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM CET

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Ansible for z/OS with Bryant Panyarachun

Big thanks to Bryant Panyarachun from San Jose, CA for joining us and giving a deep dive on his work with Ansible so far. This recording is an informative one, so grab your coffee and settle in. If you'd like more information on this topic, let @Theresa Hans know and we'll set up follow up...

Ansible New to Z.mp4

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Recap June 9 Virtual Meetup: ML Ops

We held our second virtual meetup yesterday, with William Roberts providing an overview of the emerging field of ML Ops. Check out his slides and watch the replay below. Please head over to the forum to share you comments and questions . Join us again on Thursday, July 9 from 6 to 7.30pm...

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IBM Champions in Action: The DataView Show

Lifetime IBM Champion Scott Hayes produces the DataView Show . The webinar show focuses on AI and IBM Data technologies and often has other IBM Champions as his guests. I was even on one of the first shows to help folks understand the IBM Champion program and encourage nominations. Upcoming...

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Deploy AI, Virtual Community Day

IBM Data Science Virtual Community Day: Deploy AI What is it? Why are we doing it? What should you expect? Upcoming on March 10th is the IBM Data Science Community's virtual conference . It's a virtual event where external thought leaders, IBM experts, and researchers will teach you how...

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Recorded Webcast: Your questions about the IBM Sterling brand, answered

IBM re-introduced the IBM Sterling brand—IBM Watson Supply Chain is now IBM Sterling. And as part of this announcement, the new IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite was launched - an open, integrated platform that easily connects to your supplier ecosystem, while leveraging advanced technologies...

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Integration of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) with Sterling Integrator

Originally updated on October 14, 2015 by BipinChandra Introduction: 'Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003' - Eric Schmidt. That said, more than 90 percent of the world’s data was created in the...

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Combining Business Analytics solutions: a complete answer for a complex problem

Advanced Business Analytics isn't an either/or game. Creating the perfect solution to solve your analytics challenges can be as simple as combining two great tools that already work well together - IBM Cognos(r) Analytics and IBM Planning Analytics. Join us in this webinar as we discuss best...

 Tue October 08, 2019 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET