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Announcing The Winners Of The IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge – July 28 at 1 PM ET

The very first IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge is closed for submissions and the judges are reviewing each RPA Solution and making their selections. At stake are two $10,000 prizes, one for Best IBM RPA Solution to Improve My Workplace and one for Best IBM RPA Solution to Address a Social Challenge....

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How To Submit Your Build-A-Bot Solution - The Deadline is July 15

The deadline is approaching for the close of the first IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge with two prizes of $10,000 each for grabs. You can submit your IBM Robotic Process Automation Solution up until 11:59 PM on July 15 (OK, we’ll give you til midnight). Submitting your solution is easy. After you...

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About A Week Left For the IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge – What Are You Building?

As we head into the home stretch for the IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge, which opened on June 15 and closes for all submissions on July 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM, my thoughts these days are on RPA use cases. By the way, if the IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge is new to you, visit the Build-A-Bot Entry Page ...

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RPA Case Study: Increasing Customer Engagement in Insurance

Lojacorr is an insurance carrier that uses RPA to monitor and communicate financial data across the enterprise and connect with customers. Read the case study. #TaskAutomation(RPA) #RoboticProcessAutomation(RPA)


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RPA Case Study: Tracking Shipments for an International Logistics Company

Using RPA to track worldwide shipments at Inter Aduaneira, a Brazillian shipper. Read the case study. #RoboticProcessAutomation(RPA)


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Three tips for successful RPA

Tips for successful RPA implementation: #TaskAutomation(RPA) #RoboticProcessAutomation(RPA) #BuildABot

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$10,000 IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge Hits the Halfway Point (There's Still Plenty of Time)

The deadline is July 15 at midnight ET to submit your IBM RPA solution for a chance to win two cash prizes of $10,000 USD . IBM announced the Challenge on June 15 and, so far, more than 100 individuals have entered and downloaded their 30-day free trial of IBM RPA. Since the Contest allows...

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$10,000 Build-A-Bot Challenge Wants To Know What’s Good About Technology Anyway?

What happens when a developer asks, “How can I use technology to solve the world’s problems?” The question is the first step in a creative process that leads to understanding a problem, shaping a vision for fixing the problem, and then designing a solution. Most of the technological breakthrough...

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