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April 2021 Newsletter Netezza Performance Server

Find the April 2021 Newsletter for NPS here! Learn about the latest release, as well as find new articles and training. #newsletter #netezzaperformanceserver #Netezza #whats-new

April 2021 Netezza Performance Server Newsletter

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Perform advanced ETL operations with DataStage and Netezza Performance Server

See the latest hands-on tutorial on : Perform advanced ETL operations with DataStage and Netezza Performance Server on Cloud Pak for Data. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use DataStage to perform extract, transform, load (ETL) operations on data stored in ...

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Data Warehousing and Beyond with Netezza Performance Server

Listen to experts discuss advances in Modern Data Warehousing and updates in Netezza Performance Server #Netezza #Netezzaisback #netezzaperformanceserver

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In-database analytics guide

This guide provides an introduction to the IBM Netezza In-Database Analytics package. It provides background information about the purpose and application of each algorithm, as well as guidelines for proper usage Netezza In-Database Analytics...

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Migrating Netezza workloads from on-prem to Cloud

“Is it 100% Netezza compatible with the new Netezza Performance Server?” There is no question of compatibility because it is the same Netezza Performance Server (NPS) common code running everywhere. The author discusses 2 approaches to migrating workloads between Netezza on-prem and Netezza on...

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JSON and JSONB data formats in Netezza Performance Server

Authors: Rafael Jaffarove( ), Hugh Nguyen( ), Jia Li( ) You can now store and retrieve JSON types natively. Without this feature you would have to use various character data types and store JSON objects as plain text. The new...

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Netezza on Cloud

Netezza is back, and it’s better than ever! Netezza is faster, cloud-ready, and includes Cloud Pak for Data, IBM’s integrated data and AI platform. Additionally, Netezza is available on your favorite cloud provider.

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Migration & Compatibility from (old) Netezza to Netezza Performance Server

This video discusses the compatibility of IBM PureData For Analytics/Netezza with Netezza Performance Server as well as how to migrate from Netezza/PDA to Netezza Performance Server. #Netezzaisback #netezzaperformanceserver #Netezza #migration #nz-migrate

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Overview of Netezza Analytics (INZA)

IBM Netezza Analytics is an open and flexible advanced embedded analytics platform available with Netezza, that enables the development and deployment of in-database analytics to drive game changing results. Parallelized analytics for data preparation, data mining, predictive modeling and...