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Startups with Sassi & Ralls: Call for Hyper Protect Accelerator Applications 2021

Join Melissa Sassi, IBM Z's Chief Penguin, and Aaron Ralls, IBM Z's Chief Technical Penguin, for a fireside chat with Village Capital's Director of Special Projects, Ben Younkman. Learn about the program benefits for fintech, healthtech, and insurtech startups collecting, storing, and/or...

 Wed April 14, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM ET

z/OS Introduction and Modernization Workshop

Join us for z/OS and Modernization Workshop! Dates: April 26th - 30th. In this 5-day hands on class, you will learn all about the basics of z/OS and modernization. This is a great opportunity to learn about: TSO, ISPF SDSF, JCL, Data Sets, JES, RACF, Db2, Zowe and so much more! Come join us...

 Mon April 26, 2021 09:00 AM - Fri April 30, 2021 03:30 PM ET

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Series on UrbanCode Deploy for IBM Z

Short series on UrbanCode Deploy for IBM Z - the basics: 1. Introduction - Concepts of Applications and Processes 2. Components and Security 3. Deployment Processes 4. Resources #DevOps #IBMZ #UrbanCode

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February edition of the IBM Z Software newsletter

The February edition of the IBM Z Software Newsletters designed for developers and architects and is full of the latest information, announcements, articles, and more across the IBM Z portfolio. #IBMZ #DevOps #Developer

IBM Z Software Newsletter - DevOps edition (February 2021).pdf

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IBM Z Software Newsletters for 2020

The IBM Z Software newsletter are mailed for the subscribed users, and the following (monthly) cadence Application Developers, System Programmers and Enterprise Architects (January, April, July and October) Developers and Architects (February, May, August and November) ...

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Plenty of Room in Z Security for "New-Collar" Developers…and for You Gamers, Plenty of Weapons

By Marilyn Thornton I’m going to be right up front with you, dear readers. This is a recruiting blog. It’s likely that if you are reading this in the IBM Security Community space, you already have a role in an IT security discipline, but there are young men and women out there who may not have...

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What’s New in IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS V7.5.0 Fix Pack 3

The V7.5.0 Fix Pack 3 level of monitoring for IBM MQ and IBM Integration Bus is now available. This level of OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS offers several improvements. The enhanced 3270UI now includes more support for viewing messages on queues, including the dead letter queue, which are...

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Tale of the "Tape", Modernizing zStorage with IBM TS7770

Hybrid cloud ( #hybridcloud ) strategies require planning. Specifically planning around the required SLAs for critical data, regulatory compliance and security. Data Center mainframe modernization efforts often call for reduction in costs associated with the data center and investment in...

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