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NEW: Voice of The Customer QRadar Success Story in the Higher Education Landscape

Mohawk College & GlassHouse Systems Case Study Detecting cyberattacks in a complex higher education landscape Overview: When cyberattacks breach even the strongest IT security systems, quick detection is critical to managing and recovering from the intrusion. Mohawk worked with IBM Business...

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Using Tekton Pipelines on OpenShift - A Primer

Using Tekton Pipelines with OpenShift Red Hat OpenShift recently added an Operator to support Tekton pipelines, an open-source pipeline for GitOps CI/CD operations. The overall simplicity in the Tekton design makes getting started an easy proposition. But where to start? The Tekton ...

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Migration Tools for WebSphere Applications

You were recently introduced to W hat's New for Application Modernization in WebSphere Hybrid Edition which gives you an overview of our full set of application modernization tools. This article focuses on a subset of the tools, the WebSphere Application Server migration tools, available...

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IBM DataPower 10.0.2 CD Release

We are pleased to announce the release of DataPower gateway v10.0.2 with new features and enhancements. DataPower is a single multichannel gateway that helps provide security, control, integration and optimized access to a full range of mobile, web, application programming interface (API),...

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API Connect v10.0.2 is Generally Available, check it out

API Connect and DataPower v10.0.2 has a lot of new and requested features that empower developers and API product managers as well as increases API security. New Upgrade Options! First and foremost, v10.0.2 has added some new upgrade capabilities including the ability to upgrade to v10...

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What is Multi-access Edge Computing?

Check out this new video from my friend and IBM Developer Advocate Dan Kehn as he explains multi-access edge computing. --Krista In this lightboard video, Dan Kehn with IBM Cloud, explains how multi-access edge computing is taking edge computing further to the outermost edge by placing...

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World Backup Day 2021

Well, once again, it is World Backup Day. March 31 has been designated as a reminder of the importance of taking backups. It was chosen as the day before [ April Fool's Day ], which is often filled with pranks, that could result in losing information. While April Fool's Day has been around...

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Revolutionizing the Food Supply with IBM Blockchain

How do you prepare your company for the increasing demand for visibility and traceability for each step of sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing food products? End consumers are becoming more cautious as food chains are becoming more complex and global, with 63% willing to pay up to 36%...