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Data Breach Costs Continue to Rise But Mitigating Factors Help CISOs Pave a Path Forward

Data breaches have been growing in numbers and scale, taking longer to detect and contain. The average total cost of a data breach is at its highest of 17 years, at $4.24 million. The year over year increase of 10% is the largest single year cost increase recorded in the last 7 years. IBM and...

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IBM Spectrum Virtualize Safeguarded Copy for IBM FlashSystem family and SAN Volume Controller (SVC) storage systems

Whether they are caused by human error, system glitches, or malicious criminal acts, data breaches are among the gravest and most expensive threats to businesses today. In the past, most organizations have developed and implemented high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions to...

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2.0.66 - What's new, July 14, 2021

Learn about new features and known issues in version 2.0.66 of IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace in the following topics. Updates to each version of Planning Analytics Workspace are cumulative. To see what was new in previous releases, see What's new in Planning Analytics...

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10 devastating mistakes that IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager adopters make — And how to avoid them (Part 1)

With so many organizations choosing IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) to reduce the time and resources required for onboarding, I thought it is essential for organizations to know about common mistakes made in PEM implementations and how to avoid them. In this first blog of a two...

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"GO UNiTE 2021" 成果発表バーチャル・イベント 会場イメージのご紹介

37のテーマ、62のワーキング・グループで2021年1月から活動を開始したナレッジモール研究、そして歴史のあるユーザー論文とIBMプロフェッショナル論文が統合されたナレッジモール論文が、その活動の成果を発表する場、それが" GO UNiTE 2021 "。 デジタル空間上で開催されるバーチャル・イベントとして2021/10/12~11/2に開催を予定しており、現在まだ鋭意構築中ではありますがイベント会場がどのようなものになる予定なのか、そのイメージをご紹介します。 以下5つの会場で構成され、バーチャルイベント会場のシステムにログインして回遊していただくことになる予定です。 ...

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OpenFaaS on RHOCP 4.x – Part 3

OpenFaaS Asynchronous Functions and Function Chaining on OpenShift for IBM Power ppc64le Introduction In Part 1 and Part 2 , we saw the use of synchronous functions to compute Pi and Euler’s number where the caller process was blocked till the function...

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Introducing free IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

Data services integration with IBM Cloud Paks Containers continue to grow in popularity because they enable organizations to host and deploy applications faster and more effectively. Enterprises around the world are quickly moving container technology into their business-critical application...

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MUGM Conference: New Mobile User Group for Maximo - Conference Recap and Recording

Did you miss the first Mobile User Group for Maximo Conference on June 15? No worries! Check out a recap of the incredible conference - including 3 different Maximo User Presentations on Mobile from Greater Orlando Airport, University of Kansas and CoServ Electric! The content and...

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Infuse intelligent automation at scale with IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.0

When’s the last time you considered if you’re operating in a truly predictive enterprise, furthermore, if it’s easy for your data consumers, models and apps to access the right data? More often than not the answer is a resounding “not very”. Between the proliferation of data types and sources...

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Four important innovations of AIX and IBM Power Systems

AIX on IBM RISC machines celebrates its 35th birthday this year! As myself and the AIX community celebrate 35 years of the OS, it was a pleasure taking the time to reflect on the four important innovations of AIX! Please take a moment to view my perspective in the short video below. I hope...

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