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Connecting an ADS project to a GitHub repository

Connecting an ADS project to a GitHub repository This note explains in details how to connect an ADS project to a GitHub repository. You have created a project using Decision Designer and you want to synchronize its content with a GitHub repository. The first step is to create this GitHub...

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What Does Modernization Mean for Automation? On September 22, Business Automation User Group Day Focuses on Keeping Pace

More than 65 years ago, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, noticed that computing was dramatically increasing in power, and decreasing in relative cost, at an exponential pace. The insight, known as Moore's Law, has essentially held true, driving increasingly faster change for technology users...

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Time to choose decision service

In 2015 we introduced the decision service project in ODM v8.8. With release v8.10 ODM is now mostly focusing on the decision service project and the Business Console is dedicated to managing this new type of project. Not familiar with the Business Console yet see the side by side...

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3 reasons why you should apply the ODM fix pack

The ODM fix pack is available on Fix Central since June 26th, 2021. Here are 3 reasons why you should apply it (or migrate to 8.10.5). Long-term support release IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.10.5 is a long-term support release , which means that it will receive security...

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Welcome To The Decisions Group!

Join the community today! Hello ODMers! Welcome to the IBM Business Automation Community. You’ve arrived in the Decisions Topic Group . You can navigate from this page to Discussions and Library items all focused on Decisions. You can also navigate to other Topic Groups that focus on...

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Experience first-hand the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

There's a new way to see the AI-powered, self-guided ship that will cross the Atlantic Ocean this month, following the original Mayflower's path. It's another way that you can discover how IBM & ProMare are enabling fully autonomous ships, innovation and marine exploration with AI,...

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Enabling Business Agility at USAA through IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM)

Join me as I present with Andre Wiradarma from USAA at #Think2021 on May 11. USAA has been using IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) product for more than a decade as their core Decision Management platform. They use its powerful rules engine to automate their core operational decisions. ...

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Getting started with Automation Decision Services: a new contribution from the field

Anyone can write about an experience with IBM product and contribute to knowledge sharing for the IBM users community. A proof of that is a recent overview article about Automation Decision Services, written by IBM Tech Seller @Aleksandr Khalikov : IBM ADS: Automated Decision from zero to a...

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Automation Decision Services wins several Design Awards

We're thrilled to announce that Automation Decision Services recently received well-deserved recognition from the Design community At Indigo Design Awards Automation Decision Services won Gold in Interactive Design in Digital Tools & Utilities, Silver in UX, Interface &...

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Best practices: Loosely coupled rule integration

If you're interested in better integration patterns of rules with your business applications, this article from Peter Warde is worth reading. It describes how to integrate decisions through a loosely coupled architecture, using the mediator design pattern. This article is...

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