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Vulnerability Scanning for Images and Running Containers on Red Hat OpenShift with Vulnerability Advisor

Top vulnerabilities for containers include Misconfigurations Securing registry images Runtime threats And Vulnerability Advisor, addresses just that, a container-based vulnerability scan, with integrations with various image registries. Read more about this here -> ...

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Enabling Governance Over Your VMs in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

CloudPak for Watson AIOps enables organizations to securely manage applications, no matter how they are designed or where they are deployed. Find out how VM policy controller and VM resource policy controller can help you verify VM compliance against industry benchmarks and receive...

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How to use Blueworks Live in Risk and Compliance Management

How to use Blueworks Live in Risk and Compliance Management A number of my clients are using Blueworks Live to help them with Governance, Risk management and Compliance or GRC. In regulated industries Blueworks Live can provide significant benefits in this area. This post describes some of the...

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New version of Cognos Analytics trial

A new GDPR-focused version of the Cognos Analytics trial will be made available prior to May 25, 2018. This new version of the trial will be called the Cognos Analytics on Cloud Trial. For information on GDPR, please see For any users of the existing Cognos Analytics trial,...

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