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Q&A : Instana's Automated APM and the Future of Enterprise Observability

[Originally published in IBM Cloud Blogs] Mike Mallo, Product Manager at IBM Raphael Weiner, VP of Product at Instana “It’s important to note that it’s not automation just for the sake of automation.” IBM's recent acquisition of Instana brings automated...

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AI and Blockchain: better together?

Both AI and Blockchain utilize the power of data to create value for the users. While AI uses data analysis to generate intelligent insights and automate the tasks, the Blockchain facilitates secured data storage and sharing over a decentralized network. There are many interesting and useful...

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IBM Is Bringing In Artificial Intelligence In Media & Digital Marketing

IBM is a well-known multinational company and they have been working on creating and dishing out new technologies that improve the digital ecosystem. For this reason, IBM recently launched three products to expand their artificial intelligence solutions for publishers and brands. Their new...

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IBM App Connect [What’s New]: Now Mapping Assist can learn from user preferences using Incremental Learning feature

Contributors: Jothiponsundar, Subhojeet Today Mapping Assist serves hundreds of customers helping them quickly map fields and accelerate the speed of integration developments. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithm Mapping Assist finds the best match for a particular field....

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IBM App Connect: [“What’s New?”] Introducing Preview Mode for Mapping intelligent suggestions from AI enabled Mapping Assist.

Contributors: Thanmayi Mruthyunjaya, Nagarjuna Surabathina, Matu Agarwal Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of integration development, shorten time to value, and improve the overall user experience by providing...

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IBM AppConnect [What’s New]: Customised map suggestions from AI-powered Mapping Assist based on user flow history

Contributors: Saptarshi Misra , Dhiraj Kumar Mishra Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of development, shorten time to value and improve overall user experience by providing intelligent data map...

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How IBM's Automation Document Processing can help utility bill payment automation

Please also read Part I of this blog ' Leverage the power of Low Code and AI to automate your document processing ' written by Allen Chan , CTO of IBM Digital Business Automation. IBM's Automation Document Processing is a set of AI-powered services that can read unstructured documents, refine...

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Resources for your team to get started with designing for AI

Many times teams struggle with how to start with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - how do you design the right applications and still be user-centered? What is the intent behind using AI? Does everyone on the team align on what AI is and how to best utilize it? IBM has several resources to get you...

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