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Replay: IBM & TCS Present Accelerating APIs with API Connect

IBM Champion @Santhosh Ramanathan and IBM Developer Advocate @Pooja Mistry provide an end-to-end journey through building and managing APIs using IBM’s Cloud Pak for Integration service - API Connect. ​​ #ibmchampions-highlights-home #ibmchampions-highlights #ibmchampions...

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Simplified Developer User Experience with IBM API Connect v10.0.3

You may already know the latest version of IBM API Connect v10.0.3 is out! Check out Nate's blog post on new features we have released with this version. I have highlighted the below list of cool features that would help API Developers rapidly create and test APIs with this demo. ...

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Test APIs secured with OAuth using Automated Testing

API Connect Automated Testing enables testing of any API endpoint secured with different authentication mechanisms including OAuth. Are you wondering how can is this possible? It is simple and easy, you can do that in no time. Don’t believe me? Check out this quick video to understand...

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Custom e-mail notifications for your provider organisation

One of the really useful but somewhat hidden features available in API Connect is the ability to customise the e-mail notifications that it will send to you and your developers at the provider organisation level - allowing you to have different notifications for different audiences across your...

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Best Practice – Monetizing API Products

Treating API offerings as a Product and Monetization continue to be very hot topics. Recently I participated in an API-as-a-Product Livecast hosted by Nordic APIs where this was the focus. I have previously written about both API Product and Monetization as independent topics but...

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Customising the API invocation hostname in v10 Reserved Instance

Once you have your APIs ready to be used but before sharing them with developers if is often key to have them served on your own hostname rather than the built in hostnames that come out of the box with reserved instance. For Reserved Instance v10 you can now manage the hostname used for API...

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API Connect: Upgrade Central - Making it easier to begin your move to v10

Are you ready to take advantage of the latest innovations in API Lifecycle Management available in API Connect v10? Have you started to plan a move to v10? When you're ready to start, we now have a single destination to help you. API Connect: Upgrade Central , just launched, is dedicated...

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Service Deprecation: API Connect Test and Monitor on IBM Public Cloud

We would like to inform you that the SaaS version of the API Connect Test and Monitor service will be discontinued . However, several of the capabilities are available in different deployment formats: · IBM API Connect V10 On-premise version ...

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API Management "What's New" video!

Don't want to read a blog full of new features or the docs for what's new? Check out the quick video below. A few highlights: New Virtual Appliance with the latest operating system 2-site HA support for deployments on Openshift LDAP Group mapping to API Connect roles Event Endpoint...

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