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ClearCase, ClearQuest 9.1.0 is out !

ClearCase/ClearQuest v9.1.0 is out ! ClearCase 9.1 provides a fully 64-bit product on Windows and continues to provide a full 64-bit product on Linux. ClearCase and the MultiVersion File System (MVFS) has supported 64-bit hardware for many years. Similarly, ClearQuest 9.1 now provides a...

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Address DevOps Day 1 and Day 2 challenges with IBM DevOps for Cloud Paks

IBM is proud to announce a new offering of flexible DevOps tooling for enterprises that are wrestling with DevOps Day 1 and Day 2 challenges. The offering is IBM DevOps for IBM Cloud Paks (available Aug 4). This DevOps offering includes continuous delivery tools that are designed to help...

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