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Understanding Turbonomic deployment, Targets configuration and Policies

IBM recently closed the acquisition of Turbonomic which is an AI-powered Application Resource Management software to optimize performance, compliance, and cost in real time. In this blog, we will understand the: Deployment options for Turbonomic, How-to deploy Turbonomic on...

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How to quickly configure Anywhere Queries for your Unique End User Needs

With Maximo Anywhere, you can quickly add new queries in the Maximo Anywhere Administration application. These queries can then be accessed by your Anywhere mobile users - so they can quickly receive the information for their unique business needs. #maximo #anywhere #configure #query

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Hiding Person Records

Hiding Person Records in Select Owner Window and the People Application This procedure allows you to hide a person in the Select Owner window. Solution 1: Hide from Select Owner window Solution 2: Hide from Go To People application The issue The People...

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Configuring launch in context

This document shows how to set up Launch In Context, an action service that launches an external website from the process automation engine user interface #axo #maximo #configure #launch in context


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Configuring the type-ahead feature

Overview Are you a Maximo Asset Management customer at fixpack or above? Would your Asset Management users like to complete their day-to-day activities more quickly AND type less? Then you should consider configuring the type-ahead feature on your Maximo Asset Management server. ...

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Rich Text Formatting Information

This presentation contains information on rich text formatting. For details on how to disable rich text formatting, access this page #maximo #rich text #configure

Rich Text Formatting in Maximo 75.pptx

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UI framework event handling

Application Event Model Overview Events are sent to the user interface framework whenever an end user clicks a toolbar button in the application toolbar, selects an action listed in the Select Action menu, clicks a push button within the user interface, or selects an option from a menu...

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Conditionally changing user interface properties

Overview Conditional UI is a powerful tool that can change the behavior of your user interfaces based on the state of the current record or the role of an individual user. To implement some conditional user interface use cases, Maximo 7.x allows you to conditionally change the property...

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Application Configuration Best Practices

This article details application configuration best practices. Simplifying existing applications Reposition or remove fields If you have small changes to out-of-the-box applications, you cant make the changes directly within the application. A best practice is not to remove entire...

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Making Long Description a Text Field (or Disabling Rich Text)

Starting with the Maximo 7.5 release, long descriptions have been enabled for rich text. However, if you want to disable rich text for long descriptions - you can configure Maximo to do this. This article describes how to disable the rich text - along with some items you may want to consider...

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