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Integration Stories - Incident Management - CloudPak for WatsonAIOps & ServiceNow

Creating incident tickets automatically once it occurs, has been done for a longtime. Is it efficient? No. Because, they are created by defining manual thresholds, which needs to be looked into time and again. Because, there is a flooding of events, contributing to flooding of tickets....

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IBM Cloud Now: New SAP Certifications, IBM & ServiceNow, and BYOI for Hyper Protect Virtual Servers

Welcome back to IBM Cloud Now, a bi-weekly series bringing you the latest and greatest IBM Cloud news and announcements. Make sure to check out the IBM Cloud Blog for a full rundown of all announcements: This week, we're covering the following: ...

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Using IBM App Connect to interact with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft® Teams is a chat-based tool that provides a common platform for remote teams to share information and work together. Described as a “hub for teamwork” it provides chats, video meetings, application integration (for instance with Trello or GitHub), and file storage. You can also access...

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