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SAP on IBM i: Welcome to the Quarter Century Club

Today marks the 25 th anniversary of SAP on IBM i. With the release of SAP Note 40265 on June 28 th , 1996, SAP R/3 3.0C was made available in general for OS/400 V3R6M0 as the first SAP release on OS/400, the predecessor of IBM i. Over the past 25 years, both hardware and software have been...

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Your Power Systems guide for Think 2021

We understand that the world β€” and business β€” is in the midst of rapid and unpredictable change. Join us at Think 2021 , to have a chance to directly engage with world-class experts, industry leaders and peers. Learn about the future of hybrid cloud and AI and see how IBM Power Systems...

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RE: Incredible i Show

Much appreciated. I've heard from a few people about #IBMi spanning generations. Either we can't get rid of it, or it can't get rid of us. :) ​ -- James Hodgkinson --

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Incredible i Show

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The SAP on IBM i webcast replay is available!

β€œOn December 2, the SAP on IBM i experts talked about system administration tasks including the tool APYSIDKRN, the Unix-like Secure Shell (SSH) access to IBM i, and also about system automation options by Red Hat Ansible and how that can be used to automate maintenance tasks with SAP on IBM...

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Self-paced PRGLE workshop

IBM Champion Liam Allen shares a free #ibmi / RPGLE workshop to help you learn how to make an SDK to work with web APIs in a 1+ hour, self-paced, video course. #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-library #IBMi

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IBM Champions in Action: Steve Wolk

IBM Champions in Action: Steve Wolk Steve Wolk is an avid IBM i enthusiast. He was first introduced to the System/38 in 1986, and followed its progression through AS/400 and ultimately to IBM i. As his career developed during those 34 years, his appreciation grew for what this platform...

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