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Spotlight: Mark Robbins, IBM Champion

Mark is an IBM Champion since 2017 (5 years and counting..). He is based out of the UK and works for a consulting company called Vetasi Limited, primarily selling Maximo solutions and customizing those solutions. He also provides technical review of all support cases and advises on technical...

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RE: Force users to refresh lookup data?

There is no force refresh. There is a mechanism that looks at the changes. It would be better off to let them know via a communication to refresh the lookup data. As long as they are connected the updates will come across and usually without user intervention. How soon after update is the new...

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New to Z AMA with Liftetime IBM Champion Dusty Rivers

Check out this recording of our New to Z AMA featuring Lifetime IBM Champion for Z, @Dusty Rivers ! Learn more about the IBM Champions here #ibmchampions-featured-library #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #IBMChampion ​


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Good Morning New York City

Looking forward to learning about blogging. Cortellesi #IBMChampion ​

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RE: Learn more about the IBM Champions Program

Good Morning IBM Community Members. I am a #IBMChampion feel free to ask me anything about the IBM Champion program. ​Reach out to @Jason Juliano ​​ -- Jason Juliano CEO Aponia Data new york NY 9144009430 --

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Paul Cortellesi, IBM Lifetime Champion

Written by: David Jenness Paul Cortellesi is President of the ECM Metropolitan User Group (EMUG) and longtime FileNet lead for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. He is also a Lifetime IBM Champion, based on his many years of sharing best practices and lessons learned at...

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