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Good Morning New York City

Looking forward to learning about blogging. Cortellesi #IBMChampion ​

How Aponia Data Solutions Grew Solution Delivery 3X: IBM Cloud Champions Speaker Series webinar

PART OF THE IBM CLOUD CHAMPION SPEAKER SERIES Webinar Summary As a startup offering on-premise software to financial services and healthcare clients, Aponia Data Solutions found gaining traction in the market slow going. The pace changed after transforming into a cloud provider,...

 Thu December 03, 2020 | 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET

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RE: Learn more about the IBM Champions Program

Good Morning IBM Community Members. I am a #IBMChampion feel free to ask me anything about the IBM Champion program. ​Reach out to ​​ -- Jason Juliano CEO Aponia Data new york NY 9144009430 --

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IBM Champions in Action: Gregor Frimodt-Møller

IBM Champions demonstrate both expertise in and extraordinary support and advocacy for IBM technology, communities, and solutions. The IBM Champion program recognizes these innovative thought leaders in the technical community and rewards these contributions by amplifying their voice and...

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Have you met the newest IBM Champions for Z?

IBM Systems Magazine featured the IBM Champions for Z in an article recently - get to know them! #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-library #ibmchampions-championsinaction #IBMChampion #IBMZ

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IBM Champions in Action: Steve Wolk

IBM Champions in Action: Steve Wolk Steve Wolk is an avid IBM i enthusiast. He was first introduced to the System/38 in 1986, and followed its progression through AS/400 and ultimately to IBM i. As his career developed during those 34 years, his appreciation grew for what this platform...

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Moraq's MQ Quirks

IBM Champion Morag Hughson regularly posts answers in forums, blog posts to help folks better understand IBM MQ, and these Quirk posts that make readers go, "Hm! I didn't know that...". Check this recent one on Open Options and Authorisations . #ibmchampions-featured-library-home ...

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IBM Champions in Action: Paul Teichmann

Working with the IBM Champions is incredibly fulfilling. Learning about their expertise and how they contribute to the IBM communities around the world is awe-inspiring! With each interaction, I learn something new about their roles and how they commit to improving cybersecurity. Read below and...

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