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  • 1.  Regarding "Upgrade VIOS using HMC"

    Posted Tue February 27, 2024 07:39 AM

    Hi Manjunath & the HMC developement team!

    It seems that the upgrade vios function is "hardcoded" to use dvdimage.v1.iso & dvdimage.v2.iso as media files, but actually we tend to use the Flash image like Virtual_IO_Server_Base_Install_4.1.0.10_Flash_112023_LCD8292400.iso when upgrading.

    I was able to upload the image during the process and upon a rerun (due to efixes not getting uninstalled) it showed up as an imgaefile on the HMC, so I selected it. But the upgrade still failed with an error message indicating that the file "dvdimage.v1.iso" couldn't be found in /home/padmin.

    So I think the procedure should be rewritten to accept any given name of the image and also it shouldn't be mandatory to provide a filename for the second image as there is none when using flash images.

    Henrik Mainz

  • 2.  RE: Regarding "Upgrade VIOS using HMC"

    Posted Wed February 28, 2024 09:59 AM

    I would agree that hardcoding the image file name expected in the VIOS upgrade is very limiting. If anything, it should allow for the Flash image, assuming that is acceptable for the HMC Upgrade process. 

    Carl Gerlach
    IBM Power Professional

  • 3.  RE: Regarding "Upgrade VIOS using HMC"

    Posted Wed February 28, 2024 08:24 PM

    Hi Henrik,

    HMC do not mandate specifying the VIOS image name to be dvdimage.v1.iso/dvdimage.v2.iso. You can specify the name as you wish. If there are 2 images for the VIOS upgrade, then we consider first image that you specified as DVD1 image and second one as DVD2 image.

    I am not sure how you imported the VIOS image into HMC. But if you have used VIOS upgrade task and specified "Virtual_IO_Server_Base_Install_4.1.0.10_Flash_112023_LCD8292400.iso" to be imported from remote SFTP/NFS server, then as first step HMC will import the image into its file system and rename it as dvdimage.v1.iso. And then it copies the image into VIOS and perform the upgrade task. 

    So the procedure do accept any file name of the image. And it accept one or 2 ISO image as part of the upgrade. If you still see failure, i would request you to open a case to debug the issue further. Thanks!