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  • 1.  Preserving "Tags" added to the HMC GUI

    Posted Wed February 28, 2024 01:03 PM


    Is it possible to preserve the Tags added to the HMC interface?

    I can export them through the GUI but I see no way to import them to a "new" HMC.

    Also Can this be done by a script or command so we can automate the flow.


    Kristoffer Pettersson

  • 2.  RE: Preserving "Tags" added to the HMC GUI

    Posted Thu February 29, 2024 01:04 AM

    Hi Kristoffer Pettersson,

    We can use 'Data Replication' to sync the tags between the HMC.  We need to use 'Group data' type in the data replication for this.

    Vijay Kumar Bana

  • 3.  RE: Preserving "Tags" added to the HMC GUI

    IBM Champion
    Posted Fri March 01, 2024 05:19 AM

    Hi Vijay,

    Any way to preserve the tags when doing an LPM ?

    José Pina Coelho
    IT Specialist at Kyndryl

  • 4.  RE: Preserving "Tags" added to the HMC GUI

    Posted Sat March 02, 2024 09:14 AM

    Hi Vijay, at what level did that option come in to effect ?

    I asked sometime ago for being able to do this via cli and no-one in support even suggested the use of 'Data Replication' as an option

    There is little documentation I can find on this 'Group data' type option - it would be useful to see what else is covered - any pointers to doc ?


  • 5.  RE: Preserving "Tags" added to the HMC GUI

    Posted Mon March 11, 2024 01:44 AM

    The support of Groups/Tags in data replication was introduced in HMC V10 R1 M1010.

    We can preserve Groups/Tags when doing an LPM as well. This option to support Tags in LPM works from HMC V10 R2 M1040 onwards . If it's a cross HMC migration, then both source and destination HMCs should be setup with data replication before starting LPM. 

    Vijay Kumar Bana