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PowerSC 2.1 Bugs?

  • 1.  PowerSC 2.1 Bugs?

    Posted Wed November 09, 2022 08:30 AM

    Some stuff I noticed on the new release.

    When editing a new profile I was used search automatically filters on the source and the editing profile.
    Since 2.1 only the "source" Profile gets filtered.

    When adding a group some names just don't work.
    e.g. "avaloq" does not work - "avaloch" works

    Running a check with the rule cisv1_chpermpath gives a failure because it checks the permission von the link /usr/bin/X11.
    Because links always have 777 it fails. (may be independet of the version of powersc).

    If you use more than 12 letters in the Type name of a rule you can apply the profile but check does not work. 
    By default the tool suggests to name the Type like the profile. 

    Reporting still rather limited. Only daily mails and not possible to manage reporting for different groups to different recipients.

    Did you make the same experience or may you share stuff you noticed?

    Stefan Koller