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  • 1.  Oracle on Power PoC with Swingbench

    Posted Wed December 13, 2023 02:57 PM

    Hi Community:
    I have a customer looking to run a PoC on Power10, AIX and Oracle 19c database. 
    As a requirement Swingbench must be used for the load test, in order to compare versus results on x86 platform. 
    Is there any recommendation for the test on Power10? 
    Thanks for any comments.


  • 2.  RE: Oracle on Power PoC with Swingbench

    IBM Champion
    Posted Thu December 14, 2023 03:18 AM

    Hi Diego,

    The best would be to reach out to the Oracle on Power team (Frédéric Dubois and Andrew Braid), but they are not active on this community. PM me and I can put you in contact.

    A good start is also their RedBook: https://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg248485.html

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  • 3.  RE: Oracle on Power PoC with Swingbench

    IBM Champion
    Posted Thu December 14, 2023 05:27 AM
    Edited by Satid Singkorapoom Thu December 14, 2023 05:31 AM

    Dear Diego

    There was an article published on sharing the author's experience using Swingbench. You may want to read through to get some idea. 

    Performance Testing Oracle Databases with Swingbench Order Entry Schema Posted by Michael Webster on July 7, 2015 at  http://longwhiteclouds.com/2015/07/07/performance-testing-oracle-databases-with-swingbench-order-entry-schema/#google_vignette.  

    Some more blog posts:



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  • 4.  RE: Oracle on Power PoC with Swingbench

    Posted Thu December 14, 2023 05:50 AM
    Edited by Birgit Röhm Thu December 14, 2023 05:50 AM

    Hello Diego,

    I asked our Oracle specialst from IBM Expert Labs and this is his answer:

    The first starting point is always to set up the LPAR and DB according to "best practices". Attached are 2 documents for this from my US colleagues.
    Otherwise, you can of course always get the result you want from such tests:
    If you look at "With which settings (especially parallelism) do I achieve the best result on x86 (until x86 can't go any further)", and then apply these settings to the Power, x86 may look better, but is 50% idle.
    This means that even when testing on Power, you have to play around with the settings to get the best results.

    Of course, also the same memory equipment and settings on the DBs, and from the cores (from an Oracle license point of view) with e.g. 8 cores x86 -> 4 cores AIX, SMT-8, and as written, screw around with the settings until the maximum is achieved on AIX.

    Simply optimizing on x86 and then measuring 1:1 on AIX will certainly not produce such a good result on Power.

    My suggestion:
    Depending on how much the customer would like to use Power or you as a BP would like to sell Power/keep the customer on Power, you can also hire someone from Expert Labs to tune the Oracle on Power environment.

    Birgit Röhm

  • 5.  RE: Oracle on Power PoC with Swingbench

    Posted Thu December 14, 2023 12:29 PM

    IBMers and Business Partners have access to a course that uses a live lab environment for tuning / optimizing Oracle for a Swingbench run, and running an analysis tool .. it is titled "Oracle on IBM Power Technical Sales Level 3". As a Partner do you have access to this course?

    Charlie Berry

  • 6.  RE: Oracle on Power PoC with Swingbench

    Posted Fri December 15, 2023 06:29 AM

    Yes, BPs have access to the education. Good point! You can even earn badges when completing the courses.

    Foundational badge/course: https://learn.ibm.com/course/view.php?id=12460 
    Level 3 badge/course: https://learn.ibm.com/course/view.php?id=11876 

    Source: https://ibm.seismic.com/Link/Content/DCGX2M377qBM38TMpQ7DB3WVmQg8#/?anchorId=323007db-f50f-40bc-b861-fbe9015a10cd


    Birgit Röhm