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    IBM Champion
    Posted Fri November 17, 2023 01:48 PM

    Rob Berendt robertowenberendt@gmail.com

    1:46 PM (0 minutes ago)
    to Midrange
    So, has anyone jumped on this yet?
    I'm running P10's (and a P9).
    P10's are at firmware ML1030_65
    vHMC x86 is at V10 R2 M1041
    Vios is
    IBM i is V7R5M0 TR2 with plans to upgrade to TR3 12/9
    FLRT (Fix Level Recommendation Tool) acknowledges the existence the newer VIOS but isn't recommending it yet.  At least not for my setup.  FLRT has no reference to the newer HMC, firmware, etc.  Granted, it was just available today.

    Robert Berendt IBMChampion